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The most comprehensive and intuitive market intelligence platform for the global water sector.

Market Metrics

Analyse the current size and growth rate of your market.

Market Dynamics

Assess the competitive and technological landscape of your market.

Market Access

Identify potential customers, partners and routes to opportunity.

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Transform the way you build your business.

GWI WaterData is GWI’s market intelligence platform, offering the richest, most accurate and timely information service for validating strategy in the international water market.

Bringing GWI’s renowned market forecasts and databases together with regular analyst updates and third-party datasets providing the rationale behind our data, GWI WaterData will revolutionise the way you work and save you days of research.

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Your water market map.

GWI WaterData provides a comprehensive map of the municipal and industrial water and wastewater markets. Starting with a global overview and drilling down into each market segment, GWI WaterData brings you granular market data alongside analysis of market dynamics, the competitive landscape, technologies and market entry opportunities and challenges. You have all the resources you need to plan, validate and execute your strategy.

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A single-source of indispensable data.

  • 2023 – 2028 market forecasts by region, country, technology, digital solution and industry
  • 100+ country market profiles
  • 1.700+ company profiles
  • Utilities database (6,500+ entries)
  • PSP projects database (3,000+)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (6,500+)
  • Treatment plants (60,000+)
  • Tariff survey 569 cities
  • External resources (financial, network infrastructure and service indicators)

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More than just data. Going further than just analysis.

GWI WaterData is market intelligence as a service. You need more than just static data and analysis from one source to formulate a robust strategy.

Each area of GWI WaterData has a specialising analyst updating the content as soon as crucial market developments emerge, verified by third party data. Using the “Ask an Analyst” tool, you can even send the GWI WaterData team your business queries to get them answered by a dedicated industry expert.

Suggested content is also incorporated throughout, so you have access to critical supplementary information relevant to each market.

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Turning intelligence into action.

Drill down into the data, favourite the cards most relevant to your business, generate custom forecasts using the forecast creation tool and build presentations using the slide deck feature. GWI WaterData streamlines all of your business planning activities.

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See inside GWI WaterData

Watch our in-depth tour of the GWI WaterData platform:

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